Travel Diaries

I feel most at home when I am travelling. Discovering secret tucked away corners, meeting locals, understanding the culture, and eating local delicious foods are all parts of what make trip complete. And more than the destination, it is the stories that stay with us, long after the details have begun to fade away. You may not remember the name of the hotel you stayed in or how comfortable the bed was, but the story of how you trekked  5miles to find the best ‘tom yum soup’ in Northern Thailand will stay with you forever! Here are some of my stories 🙂

1. TASMANIA – An Island off an Island 


2. ULURU | Ayers Rock, the magical red centre

Uluru during a cloudy sunset
Uluru during a cloudy sunset

3. CITY GIRL GOES CAMPING – Barrington Tops National Park

Barrington Tops Rainforest Reserve
Barrington Tops Rainforest Reserve

4. Top Five City Girl Essentials for Camping 


5. Roadtrippin: Austin to Colorado

IMG_3178 2

6. New York- A handy guide to Manhattan & surrounds


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