About me

It’s needless to point out the fact that I love food. The traveller in me feels that my journey to a place is incomplete, if I haven’t tried the local favourite. Now before you brand me as a food snob, which I most definitely am not, I am someone who likes to experiment with different flavours and ingredients and push my boundaries around food a little.

I like to think I am in some kind of relationship with food , one which transcends through all the great loves of my humble life. So naturally I am drawn to cooking as well which is how the idea of a food blog came to me. That and the pressing desire to try my hand at one of those ‘follow my passion things’. Food & Travel was on top of the list, though, the final shape this dream will take is still work in progress. Meanwhile, I thought why not share the love and with it some of the family recipes, and some others which I have tried and tested over the years! As well as make it a travelogue of the all trips I have been on, the restaurants visited, meals had. All in the hope that, one day when I old and grey, I can look back and say that it was a hell of a ride!

All the photos and content on this blog have been created by me. If you would like to use or re-share them just drop in a line first and I would be happy to share them.



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