Basil Pesto Recipe

Pesto is my favorite pasta sauce and I always make it fresh. The freshness of basil combined with garlic, pine nuts and parmesan, is a delightfully zesty combination that brightens up any dishes. I usually end up making a big batch of it and end up using it as a marinade or sauce for meats and vegetables alike as I go.

Chronicles of a Foodoholic


I love me a good pesto pasta with some toasted pine nuts on top. I have been making this pesto recipe for a long time now and it is a favourite of  most of my friends and family, and I keep getting requests for it all the time. Infact this pesto spaghetti recipe converted even my non-pasta eating mother-in-law to a fan of the same.

A traditional pesto recipe is simple and rustic, and there is no cream involved in it. You can use this pesto sauce in any way you like. It can be mixed with hot pasta, or used as a dip, or a marinade for chicken and vegetables,  or you could drizzle it over salads and potatoes as a sauce, or just spread it in place of butter for a delicious sandwich. The uses are many and in my later posts I will talk about some of…

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