Indian Spiced Roasted Chicken

Indian Spiced

If you love chicken you gotta love the roast. Whoever was the first person to throw a well seasoned spice rubbed whole chicken into the fire, did a tremendous service to mankind. Where would humanity be without roast chicken! Can you imagine family Sundays without the humble roast, or special holidays without the customary roasted bird unveiled with fanfare. Chicken is like potatoes; almost everyone loves them. Everyone who is not a vegetarian ofcourse!

As much as I love Roasted Chicken, I had never really roasted a whole bird until lately. So I started small, and made a Cornish game hen with the same spice mix which turned out great. Bold with success I decided to try my hand at the big bird when family came to visit. Sis-in-law was visiting from New Hampshire and a celebratory fancy looking feast was in order! It turned perfect with crispy skin on the outside and moist tender meat on the inside.

The spice rub that I used in this is a mix of dry spices with fresh coriander, lemon juice, ginger, garlic and green chillies. It forms a thick paste when ground together. I season the chicken with salt and pepper before applying the spice paste. This helps in keeping the meat more flavorful. I always apply the spice paste generously coating both the inside as well as the outside. It’s also a good idea to let the chicken marinate in the spice mix for a couple of hours (preferably overnight) in the fridge before finally roasting it. I roast this bird covered at 400F for 45mins and then uncovered for 20-30mins. This ensures even cooking of the chicken and prevents any part from drying out. I also turn on the broiler for the last 5mins to give the skin an extra crunch. And no roast chicken is complete without the vegetables. I usually add baby potatoes, carrots and onions which cook with the roasting juices from the chicken. It all gets done in one pot and you have a full meal at your hands. If you want you can serve this with a side of green beans to add some color to the plate but honestly, it great as it is.

Roast chicken

Indian Spiced Roasted Chicken

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Time: 1hr30mins +resting time
  • Difficulty: “medium”
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  • 1 whole Chicken skin-on (washed, cleaned, and pat dried)
  • 1 cup Fresh coriander roughly chopped
  • 3-5 Thai Green chillies (use less for less hot)
  • 1 inch Ginger
  • 6 Garlic cloves peeled
  • Dry Spices-
    • 1tsp Garam Masala
    • 1/2tsp Turmeric
    • 1/2tsp Red Chili Powder
    • 1tbsp Cumin Powder
    • 1tsp Cinnamon Powder
    • 1tsp Coriander Powder
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • 1 Lemon juiced (save the skins for stuffing inside the cavity)
  • 1 Cinnamon stick
  • 2 Black Cardamom
  • 1 tbsp Oil
  • Roasting vegetables
    • 8-10 Baby potatoes washed and dried
    • 2 large Carrots peeled and chopped into large chunks
    • 1 large Onion peeled and chopped into large chunks
    • 2-4 Cloves of Garlic with their skin on (optional)


  1. Clean and pat dry the chicken thoroughly. This is the icky bit of the process but, ensure the insides are all clean as well. Most chicken that you buy from the supermarket is already cleaned, prepped and ready to use.
  2. Generously season the chicken with salt and pepper, both on the outside and inside. There is a lot of meat on the bird, so don’t be afraid of salting it adequately.
  3. Blend the fresh coriander, ginger, garlic, green chilies together. Add all the dry spices and the lemon juice to it. Mix to form a paste.
  4. Rub the spice mix all over the chicken and inside the cavity of the bird. Gently with a blunt knife loosen the skin on the bird, taking care to not tear it, then slip the spice paste under it coating the meat as much as you can. This will add more flavor to the chicken.
  5. Stuff the cavity of the bird with the lemon skins, cinnamon sticks, and black cardamom. Now truss the bird. Check out the video tutorial here for tips on how to.
  6. Tightly wrap the spice rubbed chicken with cling film wrap and place it in the fridge for at least 4 hours before roasting. If you can leave the chicken overnight even better.
  7. Meanwhile preheat the oven to 400F. Take the chicken out of the fridge at least 30mins before putting into the oven to bring it down to room temperature.
  8. In a large bowl mix together the potatoes, onions, carrots and unpeeled garlic cloves with 1tsp oil. Add salt and pepper to taste and shake well to ensure even coating.
  9. In a large roasting tray arrange the vegetables at the bottom. Now place the marinated and trussed chicken on top of it.
  10. Cover the roasting tray with the chicken in it with foil. Place it on the middle shelf. Bake covered for 45mins.
  11. Post this, uncover the chicken and roast it for another 20-30mins until the skin crisps and the chicken is cooked through. A temperature reading in the thickest part should come out to 165F. I always use a meat thermometer to be certain.
  12. Rest the chicken loosely covered with foil for 15mins before carving and serving.


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