Hello 2015 & G’bye 2014

I have been a little slack on my blogging duties of late and haven’t had the chance to update it as much as I would have liked to. Between all the moving, packing, and resettling, the normalcy of life went out for a toss and the craziness settled in. We have been living out of a suitcase since pretty much whole of December, and I don’t know how to make my bed anymore! There are some ups to living in a hotel after all, you get to come back to a perfectly done up room, new sheets each day, the works. We will finally get to move into our apartment by the end of next week and then life will get back it’s rhythme. I do miss cooking and eating simple healthy food though. It’s hard to maintain a healthy diet when living in a hotel because the options are limited, and you can’t control the way it’s cooked. So, I tried to add fruits and yogurt to our everyday diets to keep getting some roughage in our system.  Anyways, all in all 2014 has been an exciting year, action packed and full of changes.

At the beginning of last year I was struggling with my job and was generally not happy with the direction it was taking. I used to come back unhappy and frustrated not knowing how to make it right. That’s when I decided to take the chance, quit and spend sometime thinking about what is it that I wanted to do. With a supportive husband, I was able to make that decision, give myself the chance to explore all that there was. I knew I loved food and travel, and was the happiest when I was cooking, or trying out something new and exotic, or travelling to a new destination. These were mere hobbies for me before and I had no idea if I wanted to make a career out of them. I don’t fancy myself as a chef, I am more of a home cook , who has several hits and misses along the way, so I knew that working in a restaurant was probably not my thing. I decided to start blogging as a way of trying to figure out a path for me, and that’s how Chronicles of a Foodoholic was born.

It became an exciting platform to meet new people, to exchange stories, to know other bloggers, foodies, travellers, who shared their stories. It gave me the confidence to get more active on multiple social media platforms and review sites to get my opinions heard. And it was FUN! The excitement of seeing your post being ‘liked’ or ‘shared’ by people multiple times is unparalleled. I had never realised this until I started blogging, that there is a steep learning curve to running a good and successful blog. It’s a lot of hard work too. You have to understand the technical aspects, like layout, interface design, content creation, creating visuals and social media management. I made many a rookie mistakes at the start like creating my blog on Tumblr, a micro-blogging platform, and wondered for months why I wasn’t getting any traffic. I then finally migrated to WordPress! My photography skills at the beginning were questionable at best and some of the initial photos are embarrassing. Through tips from other bloggers, multiple articles, and youtube videos later, I got an idea about the lighting, props, background etc., required to take the perfect picture. It has been a fun journey until now and my aim is to keep blogging and sharing more recipes and travel stories that happen. Blogging gave me the confidence to put myself out there and share stories with people from all over the world. It also helped me get closer to the realisation of the path I wanted to take.

Another key thing that happened this year was moving countries. We moved to Austin, United States from Sydney, Australia. The transition has been relatively easy, and we met some extremely helpful people. It did take me a while though, to get used to the freezing cold temperatures here, given that I just left a gorgeous summer. The first few days I was bundled up like an Eskimo much to the amusement of everyone else. It’s amazing though how quickly a place grows on you. I only lived in Sydney for 3years, but I miss it now like it was home. Everything seems foreign here, and I feel myself feeling overwhelmed when I stand in a supermarket aisle, or trying to understand what to order off the menu at a restaurant. I remember I felt the same way when I first moved to Sydney, looking at all the different choices available, when all I had wanted to buy was some skim milk! I had craved for the familiarity of India back then, and now I crave for Sydney. Humans are complicated that way I guess, our definition of normal keeps changing. Although one thing I seriously miss is Australian coffee. They don’t make em’ like that here!

Change is always exciting, hard in the beginning, but then becoming the new normal soon. I am looking forward to knowing Austin more and making this my new home. So here’s wishing you all a very exciting and fun filled 2015 and I will see you soon with a new post from my new home. Take care until then.



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